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Customer reviews

“Great team. Thanks for the good work in hard time.”

„Very professional team, friendly and good English speaking.”

„Excellent service!!! Couldn’t be better!!!”

„I am very happy with the very good service. Thank you!”

„Fast, friendly service. Both my wife and I are extremely happy!”

„Amazing accountability and professionalism. Well done.”

“High quality of services, responsible approach, clarity and compliance with deadlines. Respectful attitude to the client.”

Experts & Partners

Zalavári György

Dr. György Zalavári

lawyer and real estate expert

Founder of the “Ügyvédházak” -Attorney houses, network of real estate agent lawyers

Cserta Szandra

Szandra Cserta

professional home organizer

Founder of „Kívül Belül Boldogság” (Happiness Inside Outside)

Tóth Zoltán

Zoltán Tóth

moving expert, viticulturist and handyman

A MoveArtis Kft. és a Kőlyuk Bormanufaktúra alapítója

Why worth to choose us?



You can count on the team of MoveArtis in all circumstances. You can trust us if you need help around your house. We are happy to help you moving in, install your new shelf or maintain your garden. No doubt that our English speeking collague do the job at the agreed time.


Skilled and capable

Our colleagues has the right skills and routine that ensures that you will be satisfied with the end result. Whether you need solutions to job around the house, gardening or creating a well-organized and relaxing home, you get a professional service.



Tell us what we can help you with. No matter what sort of tasks you have for us around your home, MoveArtis has you covered.



During our more than 30-years relocation career, we have had to disassemble and assemble countless pieces of furniture. We have offered reliable housekeeping service to many families, and we have already enchanted a real fairy garden from several grassy areas.